1. First proper food I cooked since Ramadan. Fresh vegetarian tomato spaghetti 👌 | #food #yum #fresh #healthy #Italian #spaghetti #instafood #vsco #vscocam

  2. Afternoon snack and editing Eid pictures 🍩 | #snack #donut #juice #editing #photos #Eid #vsco #vscocam

  3. Eid 2014 with cousin | #Eid #Nikon #photography #vsco #vscocam #love #family #selfie

  4. Celebrated Eid with the family, playing games, eating and chatting! Rayrays first Eid was pretty good! | #Eid #Ramadan #photography #baby #selfie

  5. Eid Mubarak everyone! May Allah accept our fasts and our prayers, and help all the Muslims going through a difficult time #Ameen Going to miss Ramadan immensely | #Eid #UK #Islam #Ramadan

  6. Possibly the last night of #Ramadan. Can’t believe how fast this month went by! 😢 | #Ramadan #nightofpower #lastday #vsco #vscocam

  7. After trying many translations of the Qyran, finally found the perfect one! It’s easy to read, decided in to chapters. Like reading any other book! | #Quran #Oxford #Ramadan #translation #vsco #vscocam

  8. Golden hour 💛 | #evening #Wednesday #window #sky #goldenhour #clearsky #sun #vsco #vscocam

  9. DIY Greeting Cards

    Hi guys!

    I just uploaded my first video ever on youtube!

    Since Ramadan is coming up I made some cards for my family! Hope you like it! ^_^


  10. This summers fashion faves

    Summer is here and so is the heat. And London has been a big oven this year with temperatures going all the way up to 30 degrees. 

    When I first started wearing the hijab I found it rather difficult in summer because I was new to the whole idea of not wearing half sleeves and what material to wear for my scarf. Now that I’ve been wearing hijab for almost 6 years, I’ve picked up a few things and here are this years faves!

    Baggy t-shirts:

    Baggy t shirts can be a hijabis best friend. They’re loose enough to be modest and airy enough to let the air pass and so they aren’t clingy. I personally love baggy shirts their comfortable and can be worn with jeans without looking un-modest. Plus they’re in fashion so yay! 


    Summer dresses/maxi dresses:

    Nothing is more airy and comfortable than a maxi dress. Cotton maxi dresses come in a variety of patterns and colour, and this year some great brands have done some amazing dresses.  Boohoo.com does some really trendy ones including aztec designs (which I love). They’re low price and the perfect outfit for any day! (except a windy one perhaps) 

    Cotton scarves:

    Initially when I started wearing hijab, I wore pashmina through out the year. It was comfortable, stable and gave enough coverage. But pashmina in summer is a bad idea, the material is too thick and doesn’t allow air flow.  Chiffon and cotton hijabs are really ‘in’ these days and they are amazing. I’ve swapped all my pashmina’s for the cotton ones and they come in all colours and patterns.


    I absolutely love skirts of all material. There is so much you can do, switching things around and coming up with new outfits.This also gives me the opportunity to wear crop tops, which I love btw. Skirts are easily available anywhere, it’s the perfect summer outfit, nice and airy.


    Summer and skinny jeans are my nightmare. I find it very uncomfortable to wear jeans on a hot day, and I prefer not to. But if I have to, I’d wear boot cut or boyfriend or wear trousers instead. 


    Boyfriend Cardigans/kimonos:

    This year I have found a great interest in Kimonos and they’re amazing!! Ever wear an outfit and feel like your butt probably looks big or the material is too clingy? Kimonos solve all those problems plus the’re so light you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything extra.

    I would also replace undershirts with something like a boyfriend cardigan. Undershirts can sometimes be of thick material, or too clingy for my liking. Boyfriend cardigans cover your arms well while the rest of it kind of just flows.

    Light colours, such as yellows, oranges, reds, greens, mints, blues, pinks, and peach can make you look very summery. Floral and tribal prints are really trendy this summer. Accessorizing dresses and any other simple outfits can bring your whole look together. Just keep it simple. :)image


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  12. in-the-footsteps-of-the-sahaabah:

    If there was anything that could change the faith of the people and change their decree it wold be by du’ah (supplication to Allaah).

    It’s the last 10 days and our brothers across the globe are in need of help from Allaah. Get out your beds, forsake your rest, purify your hearts and turn to Allaah the Owner and Sustainer of the creation.

    Make du’ah for your beloved brothers and sisters ask for their safety and security. May Allaah protect them and us and never allow us to be humiliated by those who disbelieve. Aameen ya Rabb!


  14. "Brothers want a supermodel who can cook, clean, is extremely clever and who wears niqab and gloves. She should be rich and
    from noble lineage as well as having her own house. Of course, she must also be totally obedient to me on top of all this.
    Sisters want a man who is a model, who is
    rich and powerful but soft and gentle, who understands women and will give her some freedom. Likewise he should cater for me and
    my entire family. He should cook and clean and if he rides a nice white horse wearing
    shiny armour that would be an added bonus.
    Dear brothers and sisters….. wake up and stop dreaming please. This isn’t a Disney
    movie. This is real life. We all have some strengths and lots of weaknesses. We must
    be realistic and prioritise our preferences, the
    grass isn’t always greener on the other side so stop wondering about it and get married to someone who comes with good deed and
    character, as long as there is an element of attraction present and he has enough money to sustain the marriage insha’Allah.
    -Abu ibraheem"

    Abu Ibraheem (via halal-love-stories)

    Um, the expectations of the husband isn’t even as harsh as the expectations of the wife though……this sounds really sexist to me.

    Its not that hard to be rich and powerful AND be soft and gentle - thats what many women do without complaint. (via toxiclimerence)

    (Source: islamicrays, via toxiclimerence)